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It's Called a Journal

not a diary

14 October 1986
I'm an RPer on LJ, in case you're confused. My current accounts are a cheerful Enzan ('Shibby Enzan' to Nexusites of the Rockman(.EXE) variety), journal at lighter_shadow, and the Meiru from his world, aka sakurai_meiru. I also have a newer pup, an evil Enzan called 'Dark Enzan' with a Dark Blues, darknessblues, and an Iris.EXE (angelic_flower). I made all the icons for the Meiru account, and the spiffy shiny ones in Shibby's.
Also involved in avoria_academy with enzan_ijuuin, zaku_warrior, and faded_blues.
This journal will be used mostly for icons, stories, and rantings in dear_puppet.

And a bit of random, but it's all good.