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It's Called a Journal
not a diary
Well, why not?


Why do I always get the cool names?
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Am I ever glad to have that stupid plot wrapped up. It only took me a little over two months. >.>

Ah well. Now I can go back to having fun with my evil characters again! :D Boo, morals! Yay, fun!

Also? Dark(Blues/Enzan) is quickly becoming my OTP. Shoo, evil thing. *valiantly hoists up V2/Blues-chan flag and beats the other back with the flagpole*

>.> This only proved my need to sleep.

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Blueswhistle! Why did it have to be Blueswhistle?

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

Hah! I guess you could interpret that in a few ways, but I like most of them.

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Fourth one down.

Holy crap, that's still there. ._. That, right there, messes with my head. Why did I go look? Why did I ever look? That story totally sucked, too.


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71K 0:23
(no transcription available)
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So that was decent enough. A Stargate Season 1 boxset, the whole series of Pretear, (I o_0ed at that because like no-one knows I like that show. Except two of my three cousins and a handful of online people.) a copy of the sequel to a fantasy book I read a while back, and some of those squishy bath bead things. I do love those. :D

I sent a gift basket to my sister but I haven't heard from her yet, and my parents live farther away and always overestimate the speed of Canada Post, so I expect nothing from them for a bit.

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Okay. I am back online now. Fortunately I have next week off, so I can post to those people I owe RP threads. >.> Stupid work rush. Stupid IHOP. Stupid being-tired. But that's fixed now and I get the holiday week off.

Number one priority: sleep.

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Some of you may have noticed me not being on much lately. That is because I have been working on something (I mean besides just when I am at work and having to go to sleep earlier than normal.). It is something to do with RPing. It is something to do with my Meiru and Kathy's Enzan (darker_enzan, I think).

It is this.

Cut for imageCollapse )

Yes, I am doing something with Meiru. Stop wondering if you were.
I have plans for Dark Enzan/Dark Blues, too. And Shibby Enzan and Blues-chan are going to pop up when I can swing it. Iris too.
But now I need to go to sleep if I want up tomorrow.
Also, I don't care what you all say. This new update page is pretty shibby.

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I mean compare a couple of your fandoms when talking about them between friends.

I compared Prétear to Rockman.EXE. The following (rough approximate) quote shows how caffeine-high I was when I said this.

Cross Fusion vs. Préting (Totally tongue-in-cheek if you can't tell, on both our parts)

Me: Well, come on...they both have henshin, right? Only in Prétear, a girl merges with pretty boys and in EXE pretty boys merge.
Cousin: ...Yeah, but EXE isn't a 'magical girl' anime. And it's tech henshin. Prétear is magic henshin.
Me: It's not just that. It's also some other things. Like 'long-hair bishonen with a sword and wind stuff'.
Him: Standard anime fare.
Me: ...Semi-emo white-haired character?
Him: Take out 'white-haired' for a second.
Me: I swear I saw a clearer parallel earlier.
Him: You're not doing much to convince me.
Me: How about Beast Out? That's even closer.
Him: Just because two anime have pretty henshin sequences doesn't make them similar.
Me: SHUT UP. My logic drive isn't functioning right now.
Him: You have a logic drive?
Me: Like you do?
Him: Point.

I totally don't know his OOC LJ name. But this isn't over! I will remember what made me think that in the first place...eventually.

...I need to make a Prétear icon
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It's snowing here but not north in the mountains.
That's messed up.
And the power's been flickering...
And it's near-impossible to get off my street unless you drive a snowplow...
A little snow is nice, but I don't want it in this amount. MAKE IT GO AWAY.
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