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AHAHAHAHA - It's Called a Journal
not a diary
Avoria is crack!love.


(The Hitachiin twins we have in Avoria were crowned king and queen of Avoria for a week. They're making up silly rules and having Prinnies enforce them. (A prinny is a blue exploding penguin-thing with bat wings and peg legs from Disgaea: hour of Darkness.) Hilarity is ensuing.)

Enzan's in such a good mood because he just got over being pretty darn sick for a while. He also finds the rules quite stupid and was/is purprosefully breaking them because he was bored being stuck in bed sick. He still finds them stupid and is insisting on not following them. Enzan and Netto are now going to see who can throw an exploding penguin farther.

I love Avoria. &hearts

Current Mood: amused amused

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