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Have you already seen this memo? - It's Called a Journal
not a diary
Have you already seen this memo?

Welcome to Avoria's pimping "Grand Opening"!

At the request of a player, we've shamelessly copied i_s_l_a_n_d_rp's idea to open the whole comm to players far and wide!

If you have an RP journal or any kind--or even your own journal, you are now free to comment on any and all entries made by the unfortunate souls trapped in Avoria! Say you play a character from entranceway; that character can come over and comment on any entry they want made by a character in Avoria! The same goes for you guys personally! Ever wanted to tell Sasuke to get off his high horse and admit he's gay? Go right ahead! Avoria's free game for everyone starting May 3rd, and ending on May 5th at midnight!

WE WANT YOU♥ :D Because crack and hilarity is always good.

Have we convinced you yet?? Yes? Yes? XD Great!! For the most up-to-date F-list of Avoria, just click here or go to the friends page of aschthebloody!

Full details on the event can be found here!

XD Best. Idea. Ever.

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