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Avoria Quotes - It's Called a Journal
not a diary
Avoria Quotes
For reference. :D Enzan is mine, Netto is played by someone else.

Netto: But really, attacking little kids...those demons need a better hobby!
Enzan: They attacked everyone. It especially wasn't safe to travel alone. There are some people still injured from it all...
Netto: They still need a better hobby though. Like...knitting scarves.
Enzan: ...Demons knitting scarves, Netto?
Netto: Yup! Or maybe collecting chips. Or stamps. Whatever.
Enzan: ...Okay then.

Full thread: http://netto-hikari.livejournal.com/8891.html?thread=246715#t246715

The recent plot was awesome. None of my characters got soul-drained although they all got chased. Blues cheated and teleported away. Enzan used his rocket-boosters in Cross Fusion to escape after he saved a little girl. Lunamaria did it by sheer stubbornness and Satsuma and Sleipmon's help. XD They all inflicted a fair bit of damage on the boss character, those three. Luna shot her twice and kicked her lots, and Sleipmon blasted her with a strong attack. It was fun.

Netto, Netto. Post-series or not, you'll never get Enzan to admit he might lose a Netbattle to you.

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